Install Squid Proxy Server

How To Install Squid Proxy Server

Squid  is an excellent proxy server program. A proxy server is a program that interfaces between your client workstations and the remote internet. It will make a copy of the files being requested, and will serve those back when available and unchanged. This reduces the load on your internet. The proxy server also provides you an opportunity to use the same computer hosting the proxy server to control access to restricted web sites.

Install Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu

Installing Squid proxy server on Ubuntu is simple. It can be accomplished with one command

sudo apt-get install squid

I usually use aptitude and use the -y and -r parameters on aptitude. This allows me to accept the changes and install recommended packages too, so I instead use this command

sudo aptitude -y -r install squid

Configuring Squid

Configuring Squid will be covered in another upcoming article. Be sure and check back for more information about Squid and other Ubuntu server security applications.