Top Ubuntu Security Tools

Top Ubuntu Security Tools

We picked our top Ubuntu security tools and feature each one in further detail here. For more information on using Ubuntu, visit the Ubuntu web site.

  • Arpwatch
  • Fail2ban

Get Notified when a Device Joins the Network

I like the immediate notifications afforded by arpwatch. Arpwatch notifies in the system log and via e-mail. This is attitude of awareness is crucial in maintaining a secure network of computers and hardening this system.

However, as added requirements, our system must be able to identify malicious activity, block it, and report it.

All In One Security Tool

I think the best all in one tool to fill that role is the excellent application called fail2ban.

Identify Intruders

Fail2ban is capable of identifying attacks across a wide spectrum of targets. It picks up malicious JavaScript attacks, attempts to probe your system, attacks on common services including ssh, ftp, smtp and more.

Block Malicious Activity

Each attack vector is individually configurable for the actions to take once malicious activity is identified.

Report Attacks

Fail2ban is capable of notifying via email (my preferred method), desktop, and log files.