HOWTO : KSquirrel is a better image viewer

I’d heard mention of KSquirrel in other neighborhoods before (Gentoo and Debian systems mostly) and thought anything would be better than gwenview. I was right. It’s much faster and a major improvement. It was a little tricky to install, but I was able to do it. Here’s how:

Installing KSquirrel

From the above link, click on Downloads and you’ll be taken to a page with multiple selections. You’ll need both files for the Debian binaries. In Konqueror, right click on the *-libs.deb file and use the Kubuntu package manager to install it. Mine failed, and that’s ok. Do the other file now using the same way, and it may fail again, like mine did. I fixed the install of both by using

sudo apt-get -f install

from Konsole. I was then able to launch by using alt+f2 and typing ksquirrel