Using Ubuntu For Free

Here you can learn about how you can use Ubuntu for your Small Business IT for free, to the benefit of your system and your wallet. Our blog and web site is here to enable you to operate your entire office for free using Open Source Software. View our pages about using this Linux distribution as a desktop, server, for security, for games and education, as well as communication.

Use Ubuntu as a Desktop

Learn about using Ubuntu as a Desktop system, managing audio, video, games, documents, and other common tasks. Use Spreadsheet programs like Gnumeric, edit documents and presentations in LibreOffice’s Impress or Abiword. Use a wide selection of browsers, including Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Try Iceweasel and Chromium. We offer help with Samba for Windows file shares, including printing and Active Directory services.¬†Connect with the cloud and access your documents from any computer or device. Work with videos, 3d models, programming, science, and many different applications.

Using Ubuntu as a Server

Learn about Ubuntu as server, serving web pages, chat rooms, PBX’s, and other such services. We can help with Apache, MySQL, and many other server programs.

Configuring Ubuntu for Security

Uncover how using Ubuntu with snort, iptables, psad, fail2ban, and other security related programs can save your company thousands while protecting your assets. Take a look at our top ubuntu security tools. Our software puts your data at the front of your priority list. Connect your data and workflows with the cloud using UbuntuOne.

Using Ubuntu for Fun and Education

Discover using Ubuntu for games and learning. Learn about using PlayOnLinux and how you can contribute, making performance better for the gaming experience.

Use Ubuntu for Mobile

Take Ubuntu on the road on a laptop, netbook, ultrabook, tablet, or phone. Rely on the stable and modern Linux¬†distribution known as Debian. The minimum resource requirements allow maximum performance from your mobile device’s battery.

Ubuntu for communication with text, audio, and Video

Use chat, voice, and collaborative environments with audio chat and web conference. Use Pidgin for text chat on Google, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and IRC. Install Skype and use Google Hangouts to connect with full duplex audio and video, including mobile devices such as tables and phones. Share files and your desktop through many different applications.


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